What are these boards strapped to my feet and why am I sliding downhill? Part Two

Day 2 – Sunday, January 8

Woke up early – Not sure if it was because my body was still on Eastern time, or because the mattress in the Comfort Suites wasn’t all that comfortable. Or both. Checked facebook and read some until Tracy woke up … probably around 8:30 or so.

Hotel breakfast was a typical hotel breakfast … not great, not horrible.  They had waffles, which was nice.  However, I’m partial to the hotels that use the Golden Malted waffle batter. Being a Disney geek, it seems that Golden Malted waffles “strongly resemble” 😉 the taste of Mickey Waffles.

After eating, we checked out, and headed back on the road.  By now, the burning brake smell had dissipated, and it was light out, so the morning’s drive was much easier.  Plus I remembered to shift to a lower gear, rather than riding the brakes, so that helped too.

We made reasonably good time, and covered the 45 miles from Dillon to Avon in about an hour and 20 minutes.  Since our hotel reservation actually started the night before, we didn’t have to wait for our room to be ready.  We were staying in the Wyndham Resort at Avon, using her family’s Wyndham Vacation Club points.  Because we had booked inside of 60 days, and because of the level of ownership, we could get a 2BR unit for the price of a 1BR. It also looked like the only 1BR available when we booked was an ADA unit, and we both prefer to not have a roll-in shower, so we went with the 2BR.

I’ve stayed at several Wyndham properties, and this one was the nicest by far.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, so I will provide you with a selection of photos “borrowed” from elsewhere on the internet.

(That’s not a pool … that’s a hot tub!)


Kitchen/Living room – our fireplace/tv was on the left wall, and the door to the 2nd bedroom/bathroom was between the fridge and the living room.  The stove and microwave are just to the left of the kitchen sink shown, plus we had a small table, as well as the large island.

Master bathroom – this picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Once we checked in and got settled, it was close to lunch time, so we asked the concierge if he had any recommendations for a place to grab a quick bite. He recommended a place just around the corner called Bob’s Place.

We walked over, and were seated pretty quickly.  Nothing fancy, but they had good burgers. And they gave an option of tater tots instead of fries. (I like both, but it’s rare to find tots in a restaurant).

After lunch, we wanted to go to a store and pick up some food, so we wouldn’t have to eat out all the time. I spotted a Walgreens across the street, so we decided to walk over.  We didn’t get much, mostly breakfast food (a box of cereal and some milk), a few “snacky” type things, and one frozen pizza) but at least it would be a few meals that we didn’t go out for.

The rest of the afternoon was spent unpacking, and just relaxing. We ate the frozen pizza for dinner.

Tomorrow: Can I actually learn to ski?

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