What are these boards strapped to my feet and why am I sliding down a hill? Day 4

Part 4

Because Tracy and I are still both in pain from yesterday (although, surprisingly, my back, which is the area of my body I was most concerned with, is fine), we decided that today is going to be basically a “do nothing day”.  So we don’t set an alarm, and just get up whenever.
Breakfast is a quick bowl of cereal in the hotel.  From there, we ran into the “What do we want to do today” conundrum. So we decide to call Daniel (who happens to be off today) and see what he wants to do.  He suggests that we meet him, and we can go bowling or go see a movie, or just walk around Vail Village a little bit.
So we get the car from the valet (I think I forgot to mention, the hotel is valet-only), and set off towards Vail. The roads were in pretty good condition, and it doesn’t take us long to get to Daniel’s apartment.
From there, we drove to one of the main parking lots for Vail Village, parked, and walked over to where the bowling alley and movie theater were.  We all wanted to see Rogue One, but it wasn’t playing until 3:30.  It was shortly after 1. So, we walked next door to the bowling alley looking to kill some time. They didn’t open until 2. We decided to take the free bus to the other end of the village, and look through some of the shops.  After killing some time, we head back, and get to the bowling alley just as it opened.
The price per hour was exorbitant, but we decided to go ahead anyways.  Tracy doesn’t like to bowl – leftover wrist problems from years on flag line in college – so Daniel and I were the only ones bowling. Between the 2 of us, we managed to get 5 games done in an hour. I won the first 3, Daniel won the last 2 and the overall.
After bowling, we walked to the movie theater, and got our tickets.  When I took my phone out of my pocket to silence it, I saw that I had a missed call and a voicemail.  Before going on vacation, I had completed several rounds of interviews for a new job, and the phone # looked like the area code that the recruiter was in.  I had let him know that I’d be out of town, but that I’d try to respond to phone calls. So, I stepped out of the theater into the lobby to call back.  He had good news for me, I got the details, and then went back in, just as the previews were starting.  Rogue 1 was pretty good.  Not the best movie I’ve seen, but certainly better than some others in the Star Wars franchise.
After the movie, we met up with Jennifer, who was off work now, and went to dinner.  Italian this time.  The restaurant, Ti Amo, that we went to was pretty good, and they had very good bread.
After dinner, Jennifer went home (she had to be at work at 7am the next morning), and Daniel, Tracy and I decided to take one of the gondolas up the hill and do some sight seeing. After dark, there is no charge for the gondolas, so we were able to do this without needing to buy anything else.  We rode up to the top of the gondola, walked around for a little bit, and then decided we were cold (and there wasn’t much to do), so we rode back down.
After that, we dropped Daniel off at his apartment, and we drove back to Avon.
Tomorrow: We make our return to skiing!

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