What are these boards strapped to my feet … Day 5

Day 5 – our return to the mountain!

We had decided last night that we wanted to go skiing again today, and we looked up the cost of rentals online.  (Previously, our rentals were part of the ski school package).  Turns out that the ski shop just outside the lobby of our hotel was about $20 cheaper than the ski shop right at Beaver Creek. We decided that the inconvenience of having to schlep our gear on the bus to the base of the mountain was not that big of a deal, so we made the reservations with the place near our hotel.

When we woke up, we put on all our warm clothes, and went downstairs to pickup the skis/boots that we had rented. The shop was empty, save the one employee working, and because there wasn’t a line of people out the door, she was able to take her time, and get us equipment which was comfortable and fit well … no more bruised toes because of boots that were too small!

Once we had our gear, we walked across the street, and boarded the bus for the mountain.  Once we were there, we found a ticket counter where we could add a day to our lift tickets, and we were ready to go.

We decided to start with the same area that we had been in the other day.  It was enough of a hill to be able to build some speed, but gentle enough that I didn’t feel too threatened by it.  We did 6 or 7 trips down that little part of the mountain … I was making a more focused effort to keep my knees bent, keep my arms out, and my thighs weren’t burning nearly as much as they were the other day.

I had been having trouble all day with my goggles fogging up … no matter how much wiping I did, I couldn’t seem to be able to keep them unfogged, so I put them back in my jacket pocket.

Around this time, we decided that we wanted to try some of the other green trails, which were all located closer to the top of the mountain, so we headed over to the “big chair lift” and boarded for the ride up to the top.  We had been separated, so Tracy was 2 chairs ahead of me. I was seated with a gentleman from Australia, who was in the US for about a month, and staying with friends.

Once we got to the top of the mountain, we discovered that it was snowing a bit more heavily, and that in order to be able to see, I probably needed to have my goggles on.  This posed a problem, because I still couldn’t keep my goggles unfogged.  I was also a bit nervous about skiing on a slope I hadn’t been on before, with my “complete novice” status.  Tracy said that she’d go and do one run, and I could wait at the restaurant that was conveniently located about 100 yards away from the top of the lift.

So, I go inside, and wait.  And wait some more … Finally, after about 45 minutes, I see Tracy outside, and go out to meet up with her.  She said that she had fallen 3 times, no injuries, but she was feeling a bit tired and wanted to go back to the more familiar area that we had been on earlier.  So we got on a gondola, and rode back down the mountain to the base.  From there, we went on the other gondola, over to the beginner’s area, and skied down the beginner slope again. We agreed that we were ready for lunch, so we went inside, and ate.  After lunch, I wanted to go out again, but Tracy was still lacking energy, so this time, she waited in the restaurant while I went back out and did a few more runs.

By now, it was about 3pm, and I was pretty tired, so we decided to call it a day, went back to the hotel, returned our skis, and then decided to hit the hot tub and take a nap.

Dinner that night was a pizza from a local delivery place. It was snowing pretty  heavily, so we didn’t get together with Daniel and Jennifer.


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